My nifty table is showing me that so far, my spring break activities are clustering heavily in the Organizing section.  I can think of several reasons for this:

  1. There is a lot of organizing to do.  The house is a mess, and I’ve put off a lot of organizational things (doctor appointments, tax stuff, etc.) because I am so freaking busy.
  2. The Organizing section is kind of a garbage category and I’ve put stuff into it that might properly belong to other categories (for example, dropping by NCC to do a bit of paperwork).
  3. In many cases, it’s just easier to knock stuff off that list; many of the tasks are short and not too challenging.  Unlike writing.
  4. Many of the Organizing tasks seem urgent.  Not all of them are actually important as well, but some are.  When tasks seem urgent, I always think I’ll feel better if I knock a bunch of them off before settling down to, for example, write.

To me, #3 seems like the real problem.  I need to schedule Writing and, perhaps counterintuitively, Fun, or else those things in particular won’t get done.  To that end, I am writing today, and also setting aside a few minutes to schedule one of my Fun activities for later in the week. 

But first there are just these two Organizing tasks that really do have to get done.  (One might actually be more of a Teaching task, as it’s related to New RU.  (See #2.)  See, it’s pretty insidious…


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