Detours, part 2

Just popping in to say that I think we have vanquished the lice.  I have been going through the Snork Maiden’s hair with (literally) a fine-tooth comb every night, and at this point I’m just not finding anything but extremely clean hair.  She still feels mildly itchy, but apparently the Nix can do that.  I continue to be hyper-aware of my own scalp. 

Two moms have cancelled playdates on us this week, citing concerns about the lice, which I have to understand, though privately I am rather ruffled about it.  (Epidemiologically speaking, I suspect these kids are safer with the Snork Maiden, who has just had her head smeared with insect poison, is having her hair picked through every night, and has become extremely aware of where she puts her head, than they will be when they go back to school next week.  However, I realize it’s easier to see it that way from where I sit.)  Anyway, my carefully crafted spring break schedule, which was going to let the Snork Maiden have a fun spring break, both going over to friends’ houses and having friends over here, despite the facts that Starfleet Academy is not on break and Stubb is working like a dog, got pretty messed up.  Thank goodness for the fabulous parents of the Snork Maiden’s friend Xavier–they are both teachers, were both on spring break, and I guess are not freaked out by the idea of lice: they had the Snork Maiden over one morning and took her along to the museum on another day and assured me that she was a delight and it was not a speck of trouble, indeed a pleasure to have her. 

Pray God that Xavier doesn’t wake up on Monday morning with lice.

My Starfleet Academy spring break starts tomorrow afternoon.  New RU and NCC are still plugging along–I pretty much blew those spring breaks, oh, teaching full-time at a high school and picking nits!  But for the next couple of weeks I’ll have the schedule I thought I was going to have this spring–the schedule I had in mind when I wondered what Plan would enable me to make the most of all that free time.  Expect a bit more blogging, plus a honking great list of things I want to accomplish before Starfleet Academy restarts!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I hope you have a rejuvenating and productive spring break!


  2. Posted by meansomething on March 23, 2008 at 8:37 am

    Thank you! I hope the same for you, plus a happy Easter!


  3. […] lousy day in paradise It’s not that I have any real desire to write any more about head lice, but I realize that people do occasionally find this blog through Google searches and I would be […]


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