Cool, calm, and collected

I came home this afternoon to a quiet, if messy, house: Stubb was off today, and he and the Snork Maiden went to our regional amusement park with two of the C. Fam. (Mom C. and the Young’un, who’s a bit younger than the Snork Maiden).  I’m so glad that the Snork Maiden gets a day of goofy, expensive fun before her break is over, and that she and Stubb get to spend the day together, since he has really been having to put in the hours at work lately. 

And for me, I am just so thrilled to be on break. 

I have made a big table with all the days of break down one side and five major categories across the top: Writing, Organizing, Teaching, Fun, and Writing Biz.  There’s a lot I want to do and a lot I have to do.  Some of these overlap, but not all.  I haven’t really finished filling it in yet: some things I’m planning for specific days, others I’ll probably plan as I go. 

Right now I just feel kind of giddy.  I can’t believe it’s really spring break.  Whee.


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