The next thing on my list, part 3

Up at 5 a.m. to grade eight papers.

Showered, dressed, took the Snork Maiden to school.

Blew twenty minutes I couldn’t really afford on talking with a couple of the moms of kids in the S.M.’s class about a confusing homework assignment (about which one of them was way too concerned IMHO).

On the way to Starfleet Academy (where I didn’t have a class until 11:30), stopped for gas and at the grocery store (to buy a prepackaged salad for lunch and ingredients for haroset) and Starbucks (tall latte for right then, packaged sandwich for dinner in the car later).  (I packed my own lunches earlier in the week, but by Thursday I didn’t have the time, ingredients or wherewithal.)

Stopped by my classroom to check email before taking myself off to the teachers’ workroom to grade.  (Another class was about to meet in my room.)

Taught one class–all poetry.  I think I’m starting to grasp the biorhythms of the school day a bit more.  This particular class tends to be rowdier and goofier than the others, but the period before lunch is more restive generally.  I was starting to get a little tired of reining it in. 

Lunch with another teacher, someone who teaches the same classes but on the other side of the building and we never run into each other.  The parents’ association brought in lunch for the teachers again today–Middle Eastern food cooked and/or bought by Middle Eastern parents–so I happily left my packaged salad in the fridge for tomorrow.

Taught two more classes–poetry again, this time with a side of vocabulary.  Very good discussion in the first class, which seems to have a lot of particularly bright kids.  The last class of the day had everyone lively and giggly.  We accomplished less than the previous class, but I thought I felt an ease in the room that hadn’t quite been there before. 

Zoomed off to NCC class–last one before their spring break, so lots to accomplish.  They’re reading Othello.  A challenge to help those who are just finding the language extremely difficult while not boring the pants off those who have already read a passel of Shakespeare.  Gave back the papers.  Meanwhile, my awesome sister picks up the Snork Maiden at school and keeps her ’til Stubb gets there.

Hit the road for New RU!  Got to talk to Pym Fan in the car (hands-free headset).  Babbled on about the same work crap I’m babbling about right now, but always nice to hear her voice (when not drowning her out with my babbling).

A much better New RU class than I really deserved, considering how little I prepared for it.  Because a creative writing workshop can be winged pretty easily, I have let all the other stuff that can’t be winged encroach upon my New RU prep time.  Before I started the Starfleet Academy job, I had big plans for the fabulous job I was going to do in my mere two classes this spring.  Obviously, those big plans have had to be scaled back quite a bit.  And yet, even though the New RU class is the first graduate class I have taught, I think it’s going well.  We have established a good rapport in the group and our workshops and conversations seem productive and exciting.  Went to my car with a spring in my step.

On the way home, realized that I had to stop and get matzo for the kids to eat with the haroset.  Some gnashing of teeth. 

Much chopping of apples ensued (while Stubb attacked the dishes in the sink).  And, simultaneously, laundry.  Now there is a bowl of haroset in the fridge and laundry tumbling in the dryer.  As soon as it’s out, I’m going to bed. 

Some major grading lies ahead this weekend for Starfleet Academy, but for now, I have a far more reasonable day tomorrow, and time to duck out to the spring celebration in the Snork Maiden’s class.  We have some fun plans for Friday night, and I expect to enjoy them even if I wipe out early.  I’m proud of getting gracefully through the day, and I am really glad that I won’t have another Thursday like that for a few weeks, at least. 


2 responses to this post.

  1. Good heavens, I’m exhausted just reading this! And I thought my week was hectic!

    Congrats on getting through it all so gracefully. And I’m glad things are feeling buoyant for you these days — lovely!


  2. Posted by meansomething on March 15, 2008 at 10:43 pm

    Thanks, WN. I’m fascinated by the fact that I am working just as hard now as I was in the fall, but feeling generally much better about it. There’s also the prospect that things will be less hectic in future–I will still teach a night class at New RU, but no more NCC, I guess. (It costs me a twinge to say that. But it really doesn’t make sense for me to do it.)


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