The next thing on my list, part 2

Well!  Didn’t I do a great job on Monday’s list?  Except for the “grade 12 papers” part.  And I have promised to get those papers back tomorrow.  And I really kind of have to because NCC will be on spring break next week and their second paper is due not too long afterwards.  So all the nooks and crannies of my day today will be filled with grading.  I do meet all my Starfleet Academy classes today, so it’s not like I have huge swaths of time. 

Just couldn’t make myself do it.  It’s usually fatal for me to realize that a self-imposed deadline is not a real deadline–i.e., I knew that it would be almost as good from my point of view to get those papers back on Thursday instead of Tuesday.  I’d hoped to get them off my hands because my Starfleet cadets all have papers due this week that all need to be graded before their spring break, but I knew I didn’t really have to.

I am weirdly buoyant, though.  I wonder if it’s the secure feeling of having a regular job with a regular paycheck and regular employment for next year already organized.  Because the other thing that’s making me feel really happy is that even though I am teaching a lot (four classes at Starfleet Academy, one at NCC, one at New RU), I am spending far more time teaching literature than I have in the last two years.   Three of my Starfleet classes are reading Shakespeare, and I am really impressed by their abilities to get the literal meaning and to talk about metaphors; I’m pushing them to expand their close readings and talk about meter and cadence and sound effects.  We had a neat session yesterday in which they were genuinely trying to figure out what is the effect of the alliteration in Calpurnia’s first speech to Caesar in 2.2 (“Fierce fiery warriors fought upon the clouds”)–some were hung up on the idea that it’s more or less accidental, while others were expounding theories about whether the “f” sound is scarier than, say, the “p” sound.  Having read too many college papers with such theories, I’m not giving too much encouragement to this line of thinking, but I really wanted to see what they would come up with.

Off to teach, grade, repeat Monday’s plan regarding the Snork Maiden and Bestfriend and soccer practice and so on.  Except I seem to have promised I will make haroset for the Snork Maiden’s classroom celebration of spring holidays (Easter, Passover, Norooz).  I have the feeling that I will be standing over a whirring blender sometime after dark.


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