The epileptic bicycle

(Oh, Edward Gorey, you are always good for a cryptic title.)

This has been quite a week–from last Tuesday to now, I mean.  In some ways, teaching high school–at least at this particular high school–is not really all that different from teaching college.  The level of discussion is quite high, and I made sure to tell them, at the end of last week, that I am impressed.  However, they are definitely teenagers, and youngish teenagers at that.  They whine, they tease, they call each other names.  They are also still reacting to the abrupt departure of their previous teacher, whom many of them adored. 

I like my colleagues, and it seems like a good working environment.  I’ve been impressed by the alacrity and efficiency of the responses to my various questions and requests.  This is a weird and certainly not ideal way to enter a new teaching environment, but if I like it OK so far under these conditions, that’s probably a good sign. 


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m delighted to hear that things are going well! I know it’s pretty overwhelming at first, but I’m glad that you’re impressed with the students and finding them enjoyable.

    And I think that the name “Starfleet Academy” is yours for the taking!


  2. Posted by meansomething on February 28, 2008 at 1:48 am

    Thanks, WN?. Your advice and help have meant more than you know!


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