The curious sofa


With the increase in income from New RU and Stubb’s work and the prospect of an actual salaried position, I keep thinking about getting a couch.  We don’t actually have a couch of our own at this moment; we have custody of my sister-in-law’s couch, which she and my brother-in-law don’t have room for.  It’s a nice couch but it isn’t very capacious.  We also have two large upholstered chairs that I bought for $50 each at a yard sale when we moved here.  I’m thinking of some serious couchage–enough for all three of us to sprawl upon and still have room for guests.  Maybe I am thinking of a sectional.  I think that’s what the previous owners of this house had.  I’d like to make the living room a more comfortable area for having people over, both for us now and for the Snork Maiden when she gets to the age when she has friends over to hang around the living room instead of friends over to run around like maniacs.  (If she had her way, we would usher in the next era by buying her a Wii so that she could play Rayman’s Raving Rabbids  all the time instead of just when we are at our friend G’s house.)

I was looking on Craigslist the other day.  We had excellent luck on Craigslist buying furniture for the guest room.  I suppose with a couch one always worries that it will smell funny or be permeated with other people’s…essences.  So maybe we should be looking in stores as well.  I once heard Grace Paley tell an audience that writers should have low overhead.  I don’t think she would have turned up her nose at a used couch.

I think I’m having some nesting impulses.  One of the things that causes me a twinge about taking what otherwise seems like a good job is the nine-to-fiveness of it (or, technically, the 7:30 to 4-ness of it).  I seem to be wanting to feather the nest to have something really cozy and reassuring to come back to.  I’m not yet having impulses to buy a 70-inch TV, but I guess anything’s possible.


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  1. I’m an extrovert, but not off-the-charts, and one of the things I’ve discovered about myself in the last few months of this job is that it pretty much uses up all of my extroversion, and all I want to do in the evening is snuggle down in my cozy nest. (This state of affairs is much, much better than last year, when I had so few people to talk with that I think I went a little crazy sometimes.)

    All of which is to say that a cozy living room in which you all feel comfortable hanging out together may be just the ticket if you take this job for next year.


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