Stubb had to leave very early this morning and as I bid him farewell at the door, we both realized that neither of us had remembered to take the garbage and recycling to the curb.  At the curb, as the first light of dawn was peeking over the horizon, I found a small package.  At first I thought it was something the UPS person had dropped; then I realized that I was holding an unopened MRE.  It was dark enough that I couldn’t read what kind.  I didn’t bring it inside, thinking that whoever left it might come looking for it.  My best guesses are (though civilians can buy them, for camping or whatever) that it belongs either to the military-obsessed 12-year-old boy across the street, who might have gotten it from his dad, who is in the National Guard, or to the Marine who is the friend of another neighbor and sometimes parks in front of our house.  Still, an odd thing to find on your curb at ohmygod-thirty in the morning.


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