God said, Ha!

I didn’t go to the conference thingy.  I didn’t have the planning session, either.  I went back to the private school, where I’d been just a few days earlier, and I met with administrators and teachers and taught for about thirty-five minutes the AP class of a teacher who was absent.

Things are looking pretty good all around.  They seem to like me.  I like what I saw there.  What Now? generously gave me the benefit of her experience–thanks, WN, for taking the time and energy to do that.  I can see myself working there and liking it.  I would get to teach so many things that I love but would rarely or never teach in a college, e.g., Shakespeare, or world literature in translation (Tolstoy, Ibsen, Chekhov). 

The classroom was different.  But not that different.  Of course, these are AP students; in a little over six months, they’ll be college first-years.  My initial impressions were that they were better rested, better nourished, less distracted, and better behaved than the typical first-year college student.  Less mature, but also less cool and reserved.

Well, we shall have to see.  Expect updates.


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