A bend in the river, part 1

I’m calling this part 1 because I only have a few minutes (eight, in fact) to compose this post, and I’m pretty sure I have more mulling-over to do on this subject, which is: What To Do With All This Free Time.  My new schedule comes online next week: one three-hour New RU graduate class and two ninety-minute NCC classes a week, all Tues-Thurs.  Yippee skippy, as Stubb would say.  Finally, a reasonable schedule!  More than reasonable, even! 

However:   I have a dissertation and a book to finish.

And my family, both nuclear and extended, is–and I say this with great tenderness–a roiling pool of needs which would easily engulf me if I let it.

And I have lots of little projects of my own crying out for attention, some of them very worthwhile things which have been put off far too long because of my previous schedule.  Things like going to the dentist for the first time in a long while.  And getting my eyes checked for the first time in years.  And I really would like to clean off this desk of mine.  There are papers on here announcing meetings from four years ago.

So obviously I need a Plan of Action.  And some Deadlines.  Otherwise an awful lot of days are going to seep out from underneath me before I know where I am.  

There’s my eight minutes.  Next up:  A Plan. 


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  1. […] schedule I thought I was going to have this spring–the schedule I had in mind when I wondered what Plan would enable me to make the most of all that free time.  Expect a bit more blogging, plus a honking great list of things I want to accomplish before […]


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