Return to laughter

Home again!  And happy to be here.  AWP was tremendous fun, as usual.  Our panel went smashingly well–good turnout, the speakers rocked, and the Q&A was entirely worthwhile.  We are thinking about doing something more on this topic–it could be expanded into an essay collection, or into a theme issue of a journal.  I suppose a lot of people think that about their panels, but I’ve never quite had this response before, and I will be mulling it over for a bit.

Invisible people, please help keep me accountable for the following: Every year I return from AWP with the souvenir canvas tote stuffed full of pencils and other doodads, business cards, scraps of paper with important notes on them, flyers announcing book prizes, etc., and I lean it against the wall next to my desk–and there it stays, sometimes for months, until I need a canvas tote and empty it out.  I really want not to do that this year.  I want to write the thank-you notes to our panel members, follow up on the books or emails I’d said I’d send people, send something to the editors who solicited submissions, etc.  It’s probably time for another to-do list in the sidebar.

As for the swag, I scooped up pens and Post-It pads and buttons to give my New RU students, so at least that will prompt me to finish emptying out the bag.  (The Snork Maiden has already snagged the snap bracelet from the Hayden’s Ferry Review table.)

Lots to do today, including giving a makeup exam, so I mustn’t linger.  More later.


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