One of the good things about NCC is that I really like the chair of my department–a smart, equable, good-humored, can-do woman.  She has twice offered me a second class for the spring, but in both cases I turned the class down because the scheduling was–well, not absolutely impossible, but pretty darned inconvenient, and would make a lot of disruption in the Snork Maiden’s life.  (I didn’t go into all that, or into my lingering sense of exhaustion from the six-course load I taught in the fall; I just said that I couldn’t do that time slot.)  Today, though, she asked me whether I might be interested in a class she thinks might come open, and this one fits much better with my schedule.  The only hitch is that if it does happen, I will have almost no notice.  In fact, I’ll probably be at AWP, and I’ll come back Sunday and have to walk into the classroom the next day.  But whaddaya gonna do? 

Oh, and I haven’t taught this class before.  Naturally.  Well, nothing to do but wait and see.  I wonder what I would use for a book, and how long it would take to order it; or maybe the instructor of record has already ordered one? 


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