Home ground

If I weren’t still hung up on this anonymity thing, I could tell you more about the interesting part of the country in which I live, and some of the neat things we saw on a mini-roadtrip yesterday.  Oh well. 

It’s not that I think anyone is out there really trying to figure out who I am, because I’m not really anybody in particular.  If you did do some nifty detective work and figure out my name and location, it’s not as though that would be much of a coup (“Who?”).  But I like having this little space where I can noodle on about things for my invisible people without having it in any way connected to the main work I do.  And with just two or three people I actually know watching.

However!  A messy house is a messy house anywhere in the world, and ours needs to be cleaned up because our Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day tradition (invented last year by the Snork Maiden, and continuing this year, so now it’s a tradition) is to have all our neighbors over for doughnuts in the morning.  We put a big picture of Dr. King (the kind that would hang in an elementary-school classroom) on the door and this year we made a poster for the wall, which some of the kids colored.  They also drew little pictures of Dr. King on it, some of which look kind of like tiny vampires (it’s something about the eyebrows I think).

I am having some Sunday-night anxiety even though I don’t teach tomorrow.  I am going to try not to stress too much about the cleanliness of the house for tomorrow; it’s a doughnut break, not a dinner party.  Stubb and the Snork Maiden are at a friend’s party this evening, and I’m going to go for a little while, then bring the S.M. home.  I don’t actually feel much like socializing this evening.  With almost two more weeks of Wintersession to go, I’m not up for much more human interaction than I already get at home and in class.  I’d as lief stay home, but the Snork Maiden must be fetched. 


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  1. […] not really my thing?  And it’s a wider group of neighbors than, for example, come to our Donuts with Dr. King party, so it’s also outdoor socializing with people I don’t know that well.  Add that a […]


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