What we carry

Ah, the weekend.  I think yesterday’s post was the blog equivalent of that cracked, whiny voice I get when I’m overtired.  (In his book Among Schoolchildren, Tracy Kidder describes Mrs. Zajac’s difficulty falling asleep when she’s worried about one of her students: she has to push aside the worries and say the rosary so that she’ll get enough sleep, otherwise she’ll lie awake and “all the next day, her voice would sound to her like branches snapping.”)

I did in fact get up at 4:15 and managed to have everything ready for both classes.  Picked up the Snork Maiden after school; hit the library to pick up Aquamarine Blue 5: Personal Stories of College Students with Autism, which I’d requested from a faraway branch; dropped by Stubb’s parents’ house to see them before they leave on a trip; made spaghetti for the Snork Maiden; and finished off the day in the most delightful way, with a visit from my friend E, a 2YC colleague who is pretty much directly responsible for my getting the NCC gig, and a long talk with snacks and drinks. 

E’s schedule in the fall was every bit as grueling as mine, if not more so.  Like me, she was teaching at three different institutions, grading incessantly and managing a constant flow of paper.  She uses a system of plastic file boxes and small rolling luggage cart to keep everything organized and transportable.  I’d gotten a rolling luggage cart of my own a few months back (and was amazed at how fast my backaches disappeared when I started using it), and the first week of January term, I finally went out and bought a plastic file box like E’s.  It’s not quite the level of pleasure I got from my Ori Yoki pencil box, but it’s close. 

So anyway, the weekend.  Unfortunately for my desire to lie around the house reading, the Snork Maiden is playing in a soccer tournament today and I’ll be spending most of the day standing around a soccer field.  Stubb has an unexpected day off, though, which is great.  It should be a nice evening.


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