Don’t hassle me with your sighs, Chuck

Total bummed-outedness here for right now, as I have not been invited for a campus visit at Local University to the South.  This one stings considerably more than the other rejection, since I was ambivalent about the prospect of moving there anyway.  This one is a good job and I liked the committee members and was hoping to move forward to the next stage.

Oh well.  I know I’ll have to wait another couple of weeks before I can expect to hear anything from Local College to the East.  And then there’s that other out-of-town college that would be a really good job, I think, but require a major move, the total upheaval of the family, etc. 

Trying to stay focused–after all, I have those 20 classroom contact hours/week of January session at NCC to think about, not to mention my New RU class, which starts up pretty soon.  And the grading just keeps rolling in.  So far, one of the things I appreciate about January session is that I’m finished on campus for the day by 1:15.  There are still 2-3 hours remaining each day of grading, paperwork and writing quizzes or assignments, but for the first part of the afternoon, I can pick up the Snork Maiden, eat a late lunch, and check my email with a sense of having accomplished quite a lot already.  Yes, it’s hard to imagine sustaining this level of intensity over a longer stretch (how do high school teachers do it?), but with 25% of each course over already (!), the remaining 75% seems doable.  I also have the sense that both classes are going reasonably well (always remembering that one is developmental and one is a gen-ed requirement, both with a large percentage of students who are anxious to “get this out of the way”; this is a community college, not Wellesley Wintersession).  But the mood is occasionally festive, and with four class meetings a week, there’s some trench camaraderie going on.


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