River with no bridge

I notice that some of my readers over the past few days have been people searching for “AWP sold out.”  I’m as surprised as you are–I hadn’t realized AWP could sell out.  I wonder how they know when they’re done?  Something about the total capacity of the conference spaces, I imagine.  I guess the conference will be even more of a mob scene than usual, although I still think the whole “AWP is in fabulous New York City” idea is kind of silly. 

By the way, if you’re on a panel and haven’t bothered to register yet, they’re holding a spot for you; your panel organizer has details.  I suspect there’s a similar deal for bookfair exhibitors; they have to be able to bring a few staffers along.  (Tayari Jones posted a call on her blog from Kore Press; they’ll cover student registrations for volunteers to work at their bookfair table.)  If you’re anxious to be able to go, you might think about checking to see whether your MFA program or any literary magazine editors you know need anyone to staff their booth.


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