The raging quiet

It’s quiet…maybe too quiet.  Nothing new on the wiki.  Yet.

I’ve spent most of today doing administrative stuff, split about equally between the writing biz and the teaching biz–that is, I didn’t write today and I didn’t teach; I did “professional” writing stuff like emails about our AWP panel, mailing off a manuscript I edited for someone, and making a couple of phone calls, and I held my office hours, set up my gradebook, photocopied a quiz, prepped parts of tomorrow’s classes.  In a few minutes I’ll go pick up the Snork Maiden from school.  We’ll run a couple of errands across town, and then we may meet up with Stubb for supper out.  This is his day off (he had to work all weekend), and he’s seeing Charlie Wilson’s War with our friend T, who has been out of town for a few months.  Maybe T will join us for supper if he doesn’t have other plans.

Oh, and I’ve seen a couple of announcements for community colleges hiring full-timers for next year.  One is for a school where someone I know already works, heading up a different department.  She’s urged me to apply there in the past, although I don’t know whether she knows how often the English department there hires from within (I don’t know, either; I just know that that’s often an issue).  It looks like a good place to work.  I will probably apply.


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