Raindrop, plop!

I thought about titling this post Fwomp! or maybe Floomp!–anyway, the cartoony sound of a lot of stuff falling on someone’s head–but neither of those is a book title.  (Although both of those sounds remind me of Daniel Pinkwater’s fabulous kids’ book Irving and Muktuk: Two Bad Bears, which I enjoy reading aloud for many reasons, but not least that I get to make the FWOP FWOP FWOP of the helicopter that snatches up Irving and Muktuk the third or fourth time they try to infiltrate the annual Blueberry Muffin Festival in the northern town of Yellowtooth.)  However, it is now raining, so plop it is. 

Fwomp, floomp, or plop–whatever; it’s the sound of regular life falling back into place these first few days of 2008.  I started teaching the two classes in the intensive NCC January session on Wednesday, so I’ve spent seven and a half hours already with each of my classes.  And although these classes will account for 20 hours of classroom contact time in a regular week, which is slightly more than I had during the ridiculously busy fall semester, the brevity of the term makes it seem pretty doable.  And I start at 8 and am done at 1:15 each day, so there are even daylight hours left.  When the Snork Maiden starts back to school next week, I’ll be able to pick her up almost every day, which is especially convenient because Stubb’s work schedule keeps him out late for the next couple of weeks.

It all sounds very manageable at the moment, though of course the serious grading is just about to kick in.  Other preoccupations at the moment include trying not to check the wiki too many times to see whether I have been passed over for campus visits yet, making chili and trying to figure out when Stubb and I will be both at home and awake to watch the finale of Rome.  Sometime this weekend, I hope, but no guarantees.


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