Ring out the old…

This is my 100th post, a nice round number with which to end the year. 

For the moment, anyway, if you plug the words beagles in literature into Google, the top hit is the link to this post

Chicago was fine.  Flights, no problems.  Interviews went well, I think; I enjoyed them, by and large, and the post-interview self-reproaches (“why did I say that?  why didn’t I say this?”) have been pretty minimal.  Trying to be at peace with the well-known fact that even a really good, essentially irreproachable interview doesn’t necessarily translate into a campus visit and/or a job.  I enjoyed talking with my roommate and seeing my good friend who was there.  Spent a brief but delightful time at the Art Institute; highlight was the new Sargent acquisition Mrs. Paul Escudier, a bequest of the late Brooks McCormick.  (Not this one; it’s a portrait of the same woman standing in a darkish room, next to a bright window covered by white curtains, standing next to an upholstered blue-green chair that faintly catches the light coming in.  A feeble description but a delicious picture.) 

I am really tired today.  It’s all that interview effervescence.  I am effervesced out. 

On deck for this week: finishing up the rest of my fall grades (due Jan. 3), preparing for the January-term classes that begin January 2 (!), and reading another box of manuscripts.  Hard to believe I will be teaching again in a couple of days.  It will be a busy five weeks leading up to the AWP conference.  

Oh, and making plane reservations for AWP.  Let’s not forget that little detail.

A very happy New Year to all!


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  1. […] I still have the mug that was the party favor. I had four interviews at MLA Chicago, all of which went fine, or so I thought, although I confess I can’t at this moment remember what all four schools […]


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