The night before Christmas

Here’s wishing all my friends who celebrate Christmas a very happy day.  And a very happy day to the rest of us, too, while we’re at it.

I got in all my 2YC grades.  Still have some NCC grading left to do, but grades are due after break and I need to be focusing on interview preparation now.  (And housecleaning.)

Stubb and I will be watching the antepenultimate episode of Rome tonight (“Prig that he is, Octavian puts his mom and sister under house arrest, exiles Antony to Egypt, and cuts Agrippa a break” —M. Giant).  Can’t believe it’s almost over.


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  1. […] December 2007, I was still crazy-busy adjuncting at 2YC and NCC, and getting ready to teach my first NLNRU class in January. I had already decided to take winter […]


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