What work is

For half of Tuesday, and all of Wednesday, I was pretending I was on break already, but the fact is that I still have two exams left to give, and a lot of grading to do.  I got back into gear today and this is what I did:

  • Graded a set of final papers and a set of final exams; generated and turned in final grades for that class.
  • Wrote and submitted some materials for the conference I help organize.
  • Wrote/received emails about various crucial items, including the schedule of one of the speakers for said conference and the payroll system at New RU (specifically about how to finish setting everything up so that I get paid in January.  I am a little nervous about this, although I must say that I continue to be very impressed, not just with the administrator I deal with directly–who is a model of efficiency and aplomb–but also with pretty much every staff person I have encountered at New RU).
  • Completed the online sexual-harassment training course for New RU. 
  • Took the Snork Maiden over to 2YC to turn in grades, return a Rome DVD to the library, and hand out little packages of candy to various colleagues and cronies, most of whom had never met the Snork Maiden before.  (Of course, she became very shy, offering little more than a weak smile to most of the kindly colleagues chirping, “Nice to meet you, Snork Maiden!” Apparently we have not yet managed to inculcate “Nice to meet you, too.”
  • Did an alumni interview with an applicant to my alma mater.  (Had to take the Snork Maiden along to Starbucks for the interview–the first time I’ve ever done this.  She was fine, though, sat and read and was very unobtrusive, even when she got bored and collapsed against my shoulder.)

I also have to scoot out to NCC this evening–the first time I’ll have been there at night; the evening classes will be having exams.  I want to clear out my mailbox and pick up any late papers there, since I’ll be at 2YC all day tomorrow and they’re closed, as far as I know, during the break.  That is, their website says “most offices” are closed, but since I am still pretty new at NCC, what that means I can’t predict. 

Tomorrow: two more finals, and more grading; a faculty/staff holiday party at 2YC; a date with Stubb after my last class (not a late night, because we’ll pick the Snork Maiden up at 8:30, but time for a cheap dinner and a nice conversation, anyway).


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