By the pricking of my thumbs

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One of the non-local schools I applied to called for an interview yesterday, so it looks like I have to go to Chicago after all.  I am chuffed to have two interviews out of five applications, but also apprehensive, as I am now contemplating more seriously the possibility that we might actually move.  I guess this is what you let yourself in for when you apply for jobs outside your area code.

Of course, I realize that two interviews frequently results in no job whatsoever, so I’m just trying not to look too far down the road. 

There are so many factors to consider, and I haven’t even touched on how much we like where we live now, how it would affect Stubb’s work and life if we moved, or whether we’d think it was worth the upheaval to the Snork Maiden.  I think I’m glad I applied, though, and I’m certainly glad they’re interested in me.  A lot of things could change over the next several months, and come March or April, the picture might be clearer one way or another. 

Or just fuzzier in a different way?


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