Time management for unmanageable people

It makes me a little sad that I’m plunging into the four-day Thanksgiving weekend full of plans for exploiting every moment to the max.  Even my plans for sleep are calculating: must get a full eight hours!  Every night for five nights! rather than “I’m going to go to bed when I feel like it and get up when I feel like it because this is a break, damnit.”  Really, this is not the way I usually live my life.  This is endemic to Fall 2007, and I’m hoping not to repeat this experience anytime soon. 

Under the circumstances, however, I feel pressure to use this precious time semi-efficiently.  And that includes scheduling in time to hang out with family and see friends, as well as write, clean house and grade.  As I write this post, the 116-hour span stretching ahead of me until the next time I walk into a classroom seems like a long blissful stretch, but really, it’s just four days.

Came home to a cryptic phone message from one of the five schools I applied to: could I please call as soon as possible.  Interview?  Or did I leave one of the pieces of the application out of the package?  (This is a different school from the one that requested further materials.)  Of course, no one is answering the phone.  I hope we connect before the holiday begins in earnest, otherwise I will be spending all of the waking hours out of the 116, and some of the sleeping ones, wondering about it.  (This happened to me once when I won a grant; the grant administrator called just before a holiday weekend and I didn’t get the message until their offices were closed.  Oh, that was a crazy-making three days.  I was pretty sure it was good news, but what if I was being named an alternate or something?)  For now, off to wash a few dishes.  Time’s a-wastin’.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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