In search of the perfect job, part four

Glad to see that the avenging heavens have not yet struck me dead for complaining about my bête noire.  I actually didn’t manage to get into the post the level of outrage I am capable of feeling when I hear that something good has happened to him.  And writing the post has actually made me feel somewhat less annoyed, although all bets are off if he wins a Guggenheim this spring or something like that. 

So, anyway, I’ve got four job apps out and have had one request for more materials.  And I just realized that I didn’t actually miss the deadline for the fifth job I thought I might apply for, so I’m going to try to get that one out, too. 

Meanwhile, NCC has offered me another January-term course and at least one course for spring, so things look good for teaching just at NCC and New RU in spring.  I have had pretty much no formal oversight there, though–the chair is supposed to come observe me at some point, but hasn’t done it yet.  So I worry that the chair will come on a bad day and that all the student evaluations will be lousy and that the NCC gig will evaporate.  But I do recognize that those worries are not completely based in reality.  With a bit of luck, even if I don’t land a regular f/t job this year, I really ought to be in a much better adjunct position next year; heck, I’ll be in a much better adjunct position in January, even, but it’d be nice to have some assurance that it will all continue.  (And there you have the problem with adjunct gigs, as if you didn’t already know.)


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