The accidental time machine, part 2

Well, that was a busy and fairly productive weekend–not in the writing sense, of course, but in the family and grading sense, and also in the job-search sense, in that I did manage to get the most pressing application sent.  I guess I feel I have accountability to invisible people, because it helped me enormously to post that list on the blog, as well as to reward myself by going online to cross things off.  Our internet connection was somewhat unreliable this weekend, so I wasn’t always able to do it in a timely fashion–but then, I also had no trouble keeping my vow about no more than an hour of goof-off web surfing, because the damn thing wasn’t up when I was ready to use it.  (Fortunately, it was working when I needed to look up a couple of things for the job app.)

And now to grade those last few papers for today’s class and otherwise prepare for the day and for tomorrow (Terrible Tuesday).  Once again, the Snork Maiden will probably wake up to find me grading at the dining-room table.  (I realize that something is out of whack when, five days out of seven, I greet the dawn while I am grading at the dining-room table.)


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  1. […] except reading seems like such an effort.  I know I mentioned back in October that I was often greeting the dawn grading at the dining-room table.  Well, now that the January term is in full swing, that’s […]


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