The accidental time machine

On deck for this weekend:

  • Complete three two job applications (I finished the one due Wednesday.  Next deadline is Friday.)
  • Grade 25 16 5 papers for the Monday-only class (Will finish the others Monday morning.)
  • Grade 15 papers for the MW class with the aim of handing them all back on Wednesday (Okay, this was a little too ambitious.  Hope to get 15 done Monday.)
  • Get three two one good night(s) of sleep
  • Hit grocery store, pharmacy, and Target for birthday gift* (Stubb did pharmacy and Target; I made a grocery run.)
  • With the Snork Maiden, take care of New Niece for a couple of hours (Cute cute cute!)
  • Take the Snork Maiden to birthday party; have a little alone time while she is there and not spend it all grading (Tried to nap, but it didn’t take.  Read instead.)
  • Drop in on friend’s pumpkin-carving party with the Snork Maiden (Stubb can’t go) (Fabulous pumpkins!  Can’t wait to post a photo.)
  • Do something fun and family-like with Stubb and the Snork Maiden** (We went out for breakfast.  Not original, but fun.)
  • Do something fun and couple-like with Stubb** (We ran out for coffee for an hour.  Nice to have even a little time hanging out together.)
  • Run a load or two of laundry(Joint project.)
  • Pay a couple of imminent bills
  • Write a few pressing emails and letters
  • Talk with the trick-or-treating posse to make a plan for Halloween night*
  • Added: Supervise the Snork Maiden’s completion of her book report

*denotes task that can/probably should be delegated to Stubb

**Stubb has a couple of commitments this weekend, so this will take some planning–must endeavor not to throw him and Snork Maiden together every spare minute so that I can grade, or abandon Snork Maiden to Nintendo DS.

Yes, I think I definitely envy people with time.  But hey: this is basically all good stuff, right?  There’s no “Visit sick friend in hospital” on that list, for example, or “Fill out power of attorney for senile parent.”  In fact, two people I care about have recently been sprung from the hospital.  And we have money in the account to pay the bills–not all the bills, but the ones that need to be paid, like, now. 

I could feel myself piling up the small but necessary tasks at the end there, so I thought I’d better just stop before I started making up things that would be nice, but not necessary, to do. 

Things I probably won’t do: Watch any TV.  Work in the yard.  Read a novel or some poetry, unless for a little while in bed.  Write. 

Amount of time I’ll allow myself for surfing the internet: one hour, after the Snork Maiden is in bed and while Stubb is out.


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