In search of the perfect job, part two (with bonus question!)

I’m pulling together a couple more applications to send off on Friday, and I’m wondering whether it could possibly be okay to leave 2YC off the c.v. altogether.  There are two reasons for this.  One is that 2YC is a for-profit technical college, and I’m afraid that the four-year liberal arts school and the state university I’m applying to will be distinctly underwhelmed by its inclusion.  (And I really wouldn’t blame them, for reasons I’ve discussed before.)  The other is that since my last full-time appointment, in 2005-2006, I’ve taught at five schools, and I’m afraid that this makes me look not like a perfectly normal adjunct, but like a really marginal adjunct who hasn’t been able to put together a sensible gig.  Of course, I think that I’m in a transitional period and that by this time next year, if I’m not in a regular f/t position, I should at least be in a pretty decent adjunct groove.  But for right now, it looks (and feels) like a big ol’ mess.

I thought that if I took it out, I would rename the “Teaching Experience” section of my c.v. “Selected Teaching Experience.”  I don’t want to deny I ever taught there; I just don’t think it does anything for my c.v. except make it look more cluttered.  Does this seem reasonable?  Have you seen it done before?  Would it raise any red flags for you?


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