Little boxes

As I predicted a couple of weeks ago, I’m delighted with my Ori Yoki pencil box.  I always have a selection of writing implements, and I don’t poke myself in the hand while scrabbling for a pencil in my shoulder bag.  My pleasure in using this seventy-five-cent item is surprisingly intense.  It reminds me of an essay I haven’t read in perhaps two decades, Alan Watts’s “Materialism.”  The comment which made an impression on my teenaged brain could be paraphrased like this (remember, I haven’t read this in a long time):  People say Americans (or did he say “Westerners”?  I remember “Americans”) are materialistic, but in fact Americans behave as if they hate material–they use it, waste it, don’t take the time to notice or appreciate it.  I think of this when I pull out, admire, and feel gratitude–yes, gratitude–for this small manufactured object that removes a measure of frustration from my day and replaces it with a small, predictable pleasure.

Is there a material object that’s been giving you a lot of pleasure lately?



2 responses to this post.

  1. […] a plastic file box like E’s.  It’s not quite the level of pleasure I got from my Ori Yoki pencil box, but it’s […]


  2. […] It reminds me of my favorite aunt, and of the great adventure of going off to college.  Like the Ori Yoki pencil box (which I still have, use, and love, even though now that I have a classroom of my own, I’m […]


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