In search of the perfect job, part one

[Note: the subtitle of the actual book In Search of the Perfect Job is “8 Steps to the $250,000 Executive Job That’s Right for You.”  Of course, if there were eight steps between me and such a job, the first two would be “1. Find a way to reverse time” and “2. Go back about fifteen years.”]

I’ve now sent out two job applications; I’m pretty sure I’ll send out at least three more, maybe four.  And since it’s only mid-October, there may yet be new openings of interest.  Whether this translates into any interviews, or, farther down the road, any jobs, no one knows.

The most productive thing I have done today is get one of those applications out.  I’ve also graded a few papers and sent some necessary emails.  I have a quick phone conference coming up and then I’m off to teach again.  This evening, I’ll attempt to complete a third job application and grade some more papers, but that may be too ambitious a plan. 

It’s a bit disorienting to spend an hour revising one of your standard job letters to apply for a job, convincing yourself in the process that you are the perfect person for that position and happily envisioning yourself doing it, and then look up to realize you still have to do the job(s) you have now.


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