Wookiee cookies

A few words about the title of this post: I just happened to run across it; it’s the title of a Star Wars cookbook; it seemed like a perfectly good title for a random-bullets-o’-crap kind of post; not everyone realizes there are two ee’s in “Wookiee”; and I can’t wait to see what kind of search-engine hits I get from this one.  (So far, the post titled “The big orange splot” is the winner in terms of search engine traffic; I also get a lot of people searching for “Snork maiden costume.”)

So here are a few Wookiee cookies for my dear readers as I make my way through Monday and Tuesday, which are the most challenging days of the week this fall (Tuesday in particular; I leave the house no later than 7 A.M., return for perhaps an hour in the afternoon, and stagger back in the door at 10:30 P.M., having been at three different institutions of higher learning.  But then I have one class each on Wednesday and Thursday, leaving me some writing time):

  • Seen on a 2YC memo about a noon meeting: “Please feel free to bring your lunch.  We will provide water.”  Obligatory snark: “Do you think they’ll spring for air, too?”
  • An overheard cell phone conversation today at 2YC suggests that “beeyotch” is now an affectionate term of address among very young women (as in “Hi, beeyotch! Whatcha doin’?”). 
  • I’m planning to attend a public event involving poetry.  It’s cosponsored by a couple of different entities and I’ve gotten emailed announcements about it from a couple of different mailing lists.  I’ve seen three different start times announced, spanning an hour, and several different prices for admission.  (Most poetry events are free, unless there’s a Nobel or Poet Laureate involved–not the case here–or funds are being raised for something, also not the case here.)  I can’t wait to see how many people show up for this 1) not-free, 2) who-knows-when-it-is, 3) poetry event.  It features some excellent writers and deserves a decent-sized audience, but who knows whether it will get one. 

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