Living out loud

There’s an event at New CC on Tuesday night and I think I ought to go to it.  My chair  is one of the organizers, and the other is the friend-of-a-friend who told me ages ago I ought to apply to New CC (I didn’t listen at the time–why, I don’t know) and who, when I finally did apply, recommended me to the chair.  Writing it out like that makes it sound like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?  Add in that New CC is conveniently nearer my house than any of the other places I teach; in fact, looking back at this post, I notice that I originally proposed calling it Nearby CC, which probably makes better sense, since it is rapidly becoming less new, but continues to be nearby.  Add in also that it’s a writerly sort of event.  And that I’ve been encouraging my students to attend. 

There’s only one thing against going, really, and that is that I am still doing too much stuff and am feeling very disinclined to do anything extra for any of my jobs.  This would be an easy thing to “just say no” to.  So I’m writing it out here to say to myself, hey, dummy, go to the event. 

I was at New/Nearby CC on Friday, actually, to drop off a piece of paperwork, and though I had too much to do to stay long, it was nice to walk around the campus a bit when not under the gun to get to another job or to the Snork Maiden’s school or to office hours or to class.  I started this job in such haste, and at a time when 2YC’s summer term was hurtling toward its end, that I haven’t had much leisure on NCC’s campus.  Maybe on Monday, after class and office hours, I will actually go and have lunch in the cafeteria (which I haven’t yet seen).


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