The object of my affection

I’ve added a new tag to my list: comic strips.  I love comic strips.  So does Stubb.  We have quite a lot of comic-strip collections, many of which are finding their way off the shelves and into the Snork Maiden’s room.  She loves Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, and Sherman’s Lagoon, and is starting to read Fox Trot.  I’ve already mentioned my love of the Comics Curmudgeon, and I believe I initially found Pop Culture Junk Mail because of a discussion of the Foobocalypse–which, if you’re not already familiar with the term, is the denouement of the long-running storyline in For Better or For Worse in which Elizabeth and Anthony finally Find Their Way Back to Each Other.  (Josh, the Comics Curmudgeon, has been credited with originating the term Foobocalypse, but it might have been his frequent commenter yellojkt.) 

I’m thinking that maybe I’ll do Friday comic-strip blogging instead of poetry or cat blogging.  I think about poetry a lot anyway (not that you could tell from this blog), and have no cats at the moment (though I do love me some lolcats).  And I have Things To Say about such developments as the summary dismissal of Robotman from Monty (The Comic Formerly Known as Robotman) (okay, this happened in 2001, but I’m not completely over it yet, although Monty is a terrific strip), the impending death of Lisa Moore in Funky Winkerbean, the morphing of For Better or For Worse into a partially retrospective strip, and so on. 

I’ve had some wonderful conversations about comic strips with writers (the poet Kay Ryan turned me on to Ben Katchor), but I don’t think writers love comic strips more than the general population does.  Still, I think they should.  Well-written comic strips are marvels of economical writing.  Look at the character definition and snappy dialogue in the fabulous Clear Blue Water  or the short-lived but awesome Bliss. 

Oh, I miss Bliss.  But maybe Clear Blue Water will come out with a collection soon.  Karen Montague-Reyes, I heart you. 


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