Etiquette, part 2

Well, I looked more closely at the job at the SLAC and realized that they want someone to begin in the spring, so that simplifies things: I can write and say thanks, but I’m already committed to New RU for the spring.  Weird, though: the deadline is in October, and they want someone to start in January (not so weird for lots of jobs, but of course most of the jobs I’m looking at have deadlines in October and start no earlier than August 2008).  I assume they’ll end up with someone who has either a flexible situation or geographical proximity.  I will pass this on to a couple of people who might have one or the other.  

I think I’ve decided to apply for the other one.  That brings the total up to three jobs I will apply for so far (nothing in the job list updates for me this week).  Obviously, it’s entirely possible I won’t get as much as a sniff from any of them.  Fortunately, I seem to be facing an all-you-can-eat buffet of adjunct teaching, and cutting back in the winter (at 2YC and/or BAC) is starting to look realistic.

Because I graded like a maniac during the week and handed papers back in every class, I was able to enjoy doing things on Sunday with my family, sister, and neighbors.   A bunch of us went to the park this morning to play soccer (regular games were not played on Saturday because of Yom Kippur), and we had a neighborhood “it’s really the end of summer now” party in the afternoon.  Tomorrow: grading like a maniac resumes!


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  1. Brilliant!


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