Cool careers for dummies

After seeing it on other people’s blogs, I took the careers test at Career Cruising and am posting my top twenty here.  Interesting to see that “computer trainer” and “anthropologist” popped up before “professor” and “writer.”  As Pym Fan knows, Barbara Pym (who worked for the International African Institute for much of her career and was assistant editor of its journal Africa) often recognized the correspondences between anthropologists and novelists.  (I’m not a novelist, though.)  I see that Less Than Angels, her book about a loose assortment of London anthropologists with a writer thrown in, is being published in a new edition next month by Moyer Bell. 

  1. Computer Trainer

  2. Anthropologist

  3. Professor

  4. Writer

  5. Critic

  6. Foreign Language Instructor

  7. Print Journalist

  8. ESL Teacher

  9. Market Research Analyst

  10. Telephone Operator

  11. Translator

  12. Music Teacher/Instructor

  13. Communications Specialist

  14. Activist

  15. Political Aide

  16. Administrative Assistant

  17. Historian

  18. Archivist

  19. Editor

  20. Cartoonist

(Cartoonist is one of my fantasy jobs, and I love to read books about psychology and psychologists, such as Irvin Yalom’s.  It’s funny that foreign-language professor and translator both popped up, too, since I like languages a lot and have studied several, though speak nothing well but English.)


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