The drowned and the saved

(Am I going to hell for using Primo Levi’s title on this blog post?  Does God know that titles can’t be copyrighted?)

Had a conversation with Stubb yesterday in which he brought up the possibility of dropping 2YC after this term.  The idea is that if Nearby CC works out and I start having two courses a semester there, and New RU turns into a regular thing, it will be time to drop the lowest-paying gig, which is 2YC. 

He has a point.  The difficulty is that 2YC can and will give me plenty of teaching if I give them availability.  In other words, the food’s bad, but there’s a lot of it.  So I’m hesitant to stop going to that particular restaurant as long as it seems as though I might still need the food.

It’s too early to make this decision; after all, I haven’t even started at Nearby CC or New RU yet.  Things might be a little clearer in just a few weeks, as I get into the groove at Nearby CC and attend my first faculty meeting at New RU. 

When I started this blog, my thought was that it would be about reading, writing, and teaching.  I didn’t plan to use it mainly as a place to mull over/kvetch/strategize about my life in Adjunct Wasteland, but that seems to be what’s happening lately.  Funnily enough, some interesting things have been happening in my writing life lately, too, but I’m still too paranoid even to identify the genre in which I primarily work, so it’s hard to write about those things.

Time to start getting ready for the wedding that Stubb and I are attending this afternoon.  The Snork Maiden’s already off with her grandma, and we’ve mostly been hanging around the house.  I worked on my new syllabi and read part of a novel by a writer I met at conference #2.  I’d rather just hang around the house, actually, but I know Stubb is looking forward to seeing his friends get married and to steppin’ out (albeit in a modest way) sans the Snork Maiden.  Things have been pretty busy since I got back, so I should appreciate the time with Stubb while we have it.


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