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Concise dictionary of twenty-three languages

Time to learn another language!  While I was at conference #2, I picked up two comp. classes at the community college closest to my house (about 6 miles away, also easily accessible by bus), and yesterday I went there to make face-to-face contact with the department chair and to attend an adjunct orientation.  The pay, I was happy to learn, is near the top of adjunct pay in the state (about 30% higher than 2YC).  And health insurance is obtainable by part-timers after x terms of teaching.  I liked the dept chair and the dept secretary, who, as they explained to me that I must never let anyone into the class who is not on the roster without the printed slip that affirms that they have tested into this level of comp., performed something like a Gilbert and Sullivan patter song:

“I was head of the yearbook in high school.”  “And editor of the newspaper.”  “The principal used to ask me to proofread his letters.”  “And my English teacher said I was the best she’d ever seen.” “But see, we had this party the night before the placement test.” “And I guess I stayed up too late and also I forgot my pencil.” “I don’t know why I placed so low.” “I was having a bad day.” “I was hung over.” “And my car wouldn’t start.” “And I couldn’t find the room.”  “I know I should be in this class.” “The class I’m in is full of idiots.” “I’ve always gotten A’s in English.” “Please, please, please, please, please.”  And in unison: “I have to be in this class!”

Seriously, they were a riot.

So we’ll see how it goes.  The question is how much work to take on at 2YC in the fall, and how to sort it all out into a schedule that will not make me or my family miserable, while still leaving some blocks of time to work on my diss.  (I also have an evening class one night a week at BAC.)  Stubb should know more about his work schedule shortly, and then I can let 2YC know what classes I need to drop.  (If this sounds cavalier, rest assured it is standard practice at 2YC.  There are other people who would like to add classes, and the fall term there doesn’t start until October, so there’s time to sort it all out.)

Meanwhile, 2YC’s summer term continues.  The new CC (perhaps I should call it Nearby CC, or NCC) is on semesters and starts next week. 

NCC will be the fourth school I’ve taught at in this large metropolitan area: the others are Graduate University, 2YC, and BAC, and of course in January I start at the other RU, which will be number five.  I’ve also taught at another RU, another CC, and a SLAC.  Does this make me look versatile, or just flaky?  And will I ever have just one job that provides all my income and decent benefits?  Stay tuned.