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The greyhound in the leash

Greetings from conference #2, which is enormously stimulating, interesting, and fun, and where I’m enjoying the distance from all the frustrations caused by my weird work life.  I’m not sleeping that well–all the stimulation–and in my conversations about this with the women on my hallway, I’m beginning to perceive that half the American creative class is on Ambien.  Since most of the doors don’t lock, let’s just hope that none of them wake up in the night and come in to strangle me.  Or, for that matter, wake up in the night, stagger down to the kitchen and eat all the muffins for next morning’s breakfast.

Today’s title comes from a book that is on the shelf near where I am sitting writing this.  I’ve no idea what the book is about; it’s by someone called Joyce Horner.  Instead of reaching slightly more than an arm’s length away and taking the book off the shelf, and in a moment that pretty much defines what reading in the 21st century is about, I’ve Googled the author and title and learned that Joyce Horner was an English-born writer who taught at Mt. Holyoke College from 1944 until 1969.  This was one of her two novels.  I have not learned why the greyhound is in rather than on the leash, and I’m not going to, because I’m going to the nearby college town for lunch with two of my favorite people in the world.  Ta.