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Her husband

My Netflix subscription has stalled: I’ve got a movie at home that I thought I wanted to watch, but I haven’t watched it.  Sometimes when this happens, I realize that if the DVD is actually sitting there for a week or more and I haven’t touched it, that probably means I didn’t want to watch it as much as I thought, so I send it back–no harm, no foul, thanks Netflix.  This movie, though: I can’t quite bring myself to say I’m not going to watch it, can’t quite find the time to sit down and watch it.  Perhaps if I recognized that I’ve already paid $6 for it (since it’s been here for the better part of a month) I would actually watch at least the first half hour.

It’s Sylvia, the 2003 movie about Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes.  Has anyone out there seen it?  Thumbs up or thumbs down?  Red envelope back in the mailbox tomorrow, or pop the disc in the player and settle down to fold some laundry?