Do not read unless you want spoilers (not the title of a book, but I have to warn you)

I’m finished.  Couldn’t help it.  We went to the hoo-ha at our local Borders, and I took the kid home at 12:30 while Stubb waited for his turn to line up by wristband color.  He got home around 2, apparently.  I was asleep.  But I woke up at 6 this morning and the book was lying on the table…

The spoilers, such as they are, are in the (brief) rest of the entry.

Yes, I read it fast.  But it’s not as though I’ll never read it again.  I enjoyed it tremendously, and found it very satisfying.  Most of my predictions were wrong, except the most obvious ones.  (One Weasley and at least one significant Gryffindor we’ve come to know did die, of course, but not the ones I predicted.  And can I just say I was so pleased at who got to finish off Bellatrix Lestrange–not who I’d have thought, of course, but: yeah.)

As soon as Lupin showed up with the happy news (I’m trying to be vague here in case you couldn’t resist spoilers but don’t really want them), didn’t you just know that history would repeat itself in a way?  Oh well.  Requiescat in pace

Just geeking out over here.  Can’t wait until Stubb has read it so that we can talk about it.


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