Try everything once except incest and Morris dancing

Since I set myself the playful requirement of using the title of an actual book for the title of each blog post, I find myself searching Amazon for titles, and this one came up just now.  It is the autogiography of Linzi Drew, whose Wikipedia entry describes her as an “English glamour model and actress” born in 1959.  The one used copy on Amazon can be yours for $109.50 plus shipping.  The title alone is worth that.

I wanted a title, by the way, for a post that essentially says this: Yikes.  This is my first complete week of overlapping classes at 2YC and GU.  Two days a week, I am at 2YC in the morning, GU in the afternoon.  My 2YC students will be doing diagnostic essays today, and my GU students have a paper due Tuesday that needs to go back on Thursday, and a midterm Thursday.  The other overlapping weeks will probably be worse, though, with more overlapping assignments.  It wasn’t possible to schedule it all really neatly, though I’ve tried to spread out the grading rather than clump it.  Trying to do both of these summer terms at once is a lot.

But I’ll try anything once except incest and Morris dancing.


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