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Family dancing

Knight Bus

Stubb and the still-unpseudonymed kid are out at the movies (seeing Ratatouille, not HP).  I haven’t seen the kid all day, since I left home before she got up, and since I am just stopping at home to answer the most pressing email in my inbox before going out to do a couple of errands at Target and Kinko’s, it’s possible I won’t see her before she goes to bed.  We sometimes have some pretty weird scheduling issues, what with Stubb’s work and mine, but not seeing the offspring during any of the waking hours is pretty unusual for me.  Today it’s because I got up early to go pull a tutoring shift at 2YC before my afternoon class at GU.  Fortunately, this overlap only lasts a few weeks.

And tomorrow I have just one morning class at 2YC and then Stubb and I are going to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  Yay.  Going to the movies together in the daytime (or any time) is a treat.  In fact, the looking forward to it is one of the best things about having to plan dates together. (Did our parents’ generation not do this?  My parents didn’t have a standing Saturday night date or anything like that.  But neither did they call it a “date night” when they went out to dinner or a movie.  Can somebody tell me when that terminology kicked in?  Do couples without children use the term?)

The photo is from a while back, when the offspring and I went to visit the Knight Bus on its tour across the U.S. promoting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for Scholastic.  The turnout was impressive–it was the only HP phenomenon of its type that I’ve seen so far, so I’ve nothing to compare it with, but it was just touching to see all the librarians (almost all the tour stops were libraries) running around with their witches’ hats on, and all the excited kids and parents.  My offspring drew a red scar on her forehead with a watercolor pencil (those are excellent for facepainting and for drawing on yourself and your friends) and I sketched a pair of glasses around her eyes.  She improvised a costume, too, and borrowed an unsharpened pencil for a wand.

[Edited because I couldn’t get the darned picture right.]