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Did I ever tell you how lucky you are?

I did figure out how to make the to-do list within a day of starting the blog (there might be another way to do it, but I used a text widget), and there it is, reminding me of the most pressing teaching/writing/professional stuff for this month (July only, right now; I might expand it later).  Project #3 on the list is, rather like this blog, something that a rational person might say I don’t really have time to work on right now, since it is far less pressing than #1, which is a creative writing project, and #2, which is an academic writing project.  #3 is a sort of creative writing-academic writing hybrid, in fact–a medium-length essay I’ve been thinking about. Unlike #1 and #2, no one is expecting it; there’s no deadline, and it’s not even quite clear to me at this moment who would be the audience for it.  But it has that necessary qualities of being something that I’m interested in, curious about, and unsure of.

So I put it on the list, and as my goal for it, I chose spending 20 minutes a day on it.  On Friday I spent the first 20 minutes–although it took me about 30 minutes to complete them since I was waiting for a call to be returned and I didn’t want to let the machine answer the phone–writing my way loosely and sloppily into the project.  Should I be surprised that at the end of the 20 minutes I had not only a slightly clearer idea of what Project #3 might look like, but also a surprising new angle that I can use for Project #2?  Honest to Pete, I hadn’t thought of #2 and #3 being linked at all, but now I see that they are.  (I realized some time ago that #1 and #2 share a sort of common root, but I try not to think about that, as it doesn’t seem to help #2 and would, I think, be the worse for #1 if I did think about it.)

Anyway, that was a damned useful 20 minutes.  And another illustration of the magic of butt-in-chair. 

(In case you’re wondering: I didn’t do 20 minutes on it yesterday, but I will be doing it this morning.  Plus some work on Project #2.  And a last-minute job application that will probably come to nothing, but I can’t not do it.  This afternoon I have my GU class and office hours, and I’m hoping to get to GU early to put the finishing touches on the cover letter.)