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Turtle diary

I did tell my spouse.  I haven’t told anyone else yet.  I was delighted, though, to see that The Comics Curmudgeon  stopped by, presumably to see what kind of perverts are linking to his fabulous site.  If you read comic strips (and by “you,” I suppose I mean “my largely imaginary readers”) and have not yet discovered the magic of the Blog Formerly Known As “Josh Reads the Comics So You Don’t Have To,” you owe it to yourself to check out the fantastic repository of snark.  Here’s a sample.  The comments are frequently hilarious also.

Mostly, I’m finding it difficult to stick my head out.

turtle(I haven’t read Turtle Diary, although we do own a copy as my still-unpseudonymed spouse is fond of both the novel by Russell Hoban and the movie with Ben Kingsley and Glenda Jackson.  Someday perhaps I will.  Hoban’s Frances books are very close to my heart and to that of my still-unpseudonymed kid.  Looking at the cover of Bread and Jam for Frances, I can taste bread and jam–not as I experience it now, but as I imagined it as a child reading the book–and smell the wood-, carpet-, and book-smelling elementary-school library where I read it for the first time.)

This shyness has multiple sources. It springs partly from my natural reticence (but I believe that reticence is also a form of longing to be accurately known).  And it springs partly from a kind of grandiosity, too: a misapprehension that everyone is interested in what I’m doing and that I will consequently become the object of interest and discovery.  Then, of course, there’s a touch of pride, and a splash of performance anxiety.

But I think it’s time to stick out a small green nose, and write something about my mishmash of a teaching life for the next post.