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Civil to strangers

Day four of blogging!  Hey, I’m getting the hang of this.  Now–whom to invite to the party?  Too bad I didn’t invent this name before I started occasionally posting comments on other people’s blogs.  New Kid came over and bestowed my first comment–presumably alerted by her referral stats?  (I probably inadvertently caused that by clicking to see whether the link worked, though it looks as though I’ve had a few people cruising by and one of them might have done it as well.)

One of the precipitating events for this blog was realizing that one of the pseudonymous blogs I was reading was written by someone I knew–reading it, enjoying it, and finding in it a model of how one might write about one’s life in such a way that one wouldn’t be absolutely mortified if unmasked, but without making a big honking deal about the anonymity.  I haven’t emailed the person yet to say “Hey!  This is you!” but when I do, it seems like I probably ought to add “And I have one too!” 

I could also invite a few friends.  I think particularly of two friends who live in far-flung places but still manage to evince interest in all the many tiny and mundane details of my life.  (Oh dear, do I have to make up names for them, too?)  It’s a fair exchange, of course, because I’m interested in their tiny and mundane details as well.  Neither one blogs; one seems to read a few blogs, the other doesn’t seem entirely clear as to what they are all about.

And I could definitely invite my spouse, who is so far the only person I know of who even realizes this thing exists. 

(Hi, honey.)