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What am I doing here?

I read, as of this writing, 39 blogs in Google Reader, and several more that Google Reader can’t pull for me.  They aren’t all updated daily (though some are updated twice or more a day), so say that on a typical day I read the musings of a dozen people.  Although I know that sometimes I’m using blog-reading to put off doing something more urgent, in general I feel that reading these blogs contributes a lot to my life.  They inform me, entertain me, make me think, open new perspectives.  Many of them are written by people who are also writers, or teachers, or some combination thereof.  I love the way these make me reflect on writing, reading, and teaching. 

For a few months now, I’ve felt a little tug of eagerness to join the discussion that these blogs create.  I’ve resisted creating a persona to use when I comment; I usually either comment anonymously or create a spur-of-the-moment name to comment with.  And I’ve resisted the tug, feeling that I had too much else going on to add a blog on top of it all.  There are other concerns, too, aside from lack of time, and I expect that if I continue writing this, I’ll explore those as well.  (They include reticence, superstition, privacy, suspicion, and perfectionism.)

So why a blog, and why now?  Well, in my real life, reading made me want to write.  Something similar seems to have happened to me now.  Also, I believe New Kid on the Hallway, who wrote here and here about her experience of blogging–and what she noticed about it when she took a brief hiatus.  It sounds (I’m simplifying here) like the blog helped her reflect on her life, much in the way that a journal might (I’ve never been much of a journal-keeper).  And she compared keeping a blog to cross-training for her actual sport (in her case, academic writing).  I’m thinking that it might be helpful to me, both as warm-up and as a way of keeping tabs on my goals and my progress toward them.  I like the “to-do lists” that I’ve seen on profgrrrrl‘s and Professing Mama‘s blogs.  None of the blogs I read has my to-do list on it.  I like to think that seeing it here (when I get around to making one) will keep me focused.

She also noticed that she didn’t get more work done when she didn’t blog, but did spend more time shopping online.  I doubt I’ll get less work done because of blogging.  Perhaps I’ll even do a little more.

Well, that remains to be seen.