Literature should mean something in your life

The title of the blog is the title of a poem by Cornelius Eady from his first book of poetry, Kartunes (Warthog Press, 1980). Fittingly, my first blog post will be stymied by my lack of technical know-how: I would post the text of the poem, but I don’t know how to lay it out properly.  For now, then, this post is just a hello.

[Edited to add: golly! I think I figgered it out!]


a man

walking down the street

looks up to see


wheeling in the air         looks

up to see a billboard plastered

with black letters.

                                    BIRDS LIKE ME

says the billboard, and

a pigeon lights on it.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hello…

    Definitely love msn, interesting page. Cya later….


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